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TennCare & CoverKids Renewals Begin April 1st: Please verify your contact information at or by dialing 855.259.0701


Renewals Start April 1, 2023.

TennCare & CoverKids members please verify your contact information either online or by phone (855-259-0701) 

The TennCare Advocacy Program is a free service for all Tennesseans. All calls to us are confidential.


​A TennCare advocate is here to listen to and help you with your TennCare questions and problems. Please give us a call at 800-758-1638 from 8am to 5pm Central Time, Monday - Friday outside of state holidays. If you would rather contact us in writing, you can do so here using our encrypted form.

Call Us To

  1. Get help and information about how and where to apply for TennCare programs

  2. Get information about the TennCare categories of eligibility and income guideline limits

  3. Get help and information about renewing your TennCare eligibility every year

  4. Get help and information about your appeal rights. (An appeal is when you ask TennCare to take another look at a decision they made or to look into a potential mistake)

  5. We can help you with setting up an online TennCare Connect Member Portal Account

How TennCare Connect can help you


  • TennCare Connect is an online tool for Tennesseans to apply for TennCare, CoverKids, and Medicare Savings Program. TennCare Connect Representatives can give you the status of your TennCare application and tell you what type of information or documents TennCare needs from you.

  • TennCare Connect allows you to manage your coverage online or via the TennCare Connect app [ Apple ] [ Android ] [ Web ]

Quick Resource Links

You can look through some of these links to get familiar with TennCare:

Rather have us reach out to you?
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