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Get the peace of mind you deserve.

We help you apply, use, & keep TennCare


  • This is a FREE service for all Tennesseans.

  • All calls are confidential.

  • Information about, assistance with, and referrals to TennCare are provided services.

Call Us To

  1. Find out if you qualify for TennCare coverage.

  2. Find out how to apply or reverify your TennCare.

  3. Understand your TennCare benefits.

  4. Understand what services are available and how to get them.

  5. Find out how to file an appeal. (An appeal is when you ask TennCare to take another look at a decision they made or to look into a potential mistake)

Quick Resource Links

If you're not ready to call just yet, look through some of these links to get familiar with TennCare:

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